Pay Equity

What is Gender pay gap

The gender pay gap is an internationally established measure of women’s position in the paid workforce. Gender pay gaps in favour of men are a common feature of economies worldwide. The pay gap does not necessarily reflect comparisons of women and men performing the same roles. Instead, it is the difference between women’s and men’s average weekly full-time equivalent earnings, expressed as a percentage of men’s earnings.

Our Commitment

We are committed to closing the University’s organisation-wide gender pay gap through targeted actions and initiatives, and report on progress towards our gender equity and pay equity targets. We seek to understand the drivers of gender inequality and work to eliminate gender bias in pay decisions across the University. To reduce gender pay gaps, we adopt a multi-faceted approach that addresses women’s under-representation in senior roles, promotes workplace flexibility, provides parental and caregiving leave and other support, as well as implements strategies to mitigate the effects of unconscious bias.

Our Pay Equity Target

We will halve our organisation-wide gender pay gap by 2022. Pay equity

"Pay equity is a core element of Monash's Gender Equity Strategy. As part of our commitment to reduce our gender pay gap, we know we must adopt a multi-faceted approach that promotes workplace flexibility, actively supports staff who are parents and carers and implements strategies to mitigate the effects of unconscious bias"

- Professor Margaret Gardner AO, President and Vice Chancellor of Monash University