Parental Leave at Monash

We support staff with family responsibilities and are committed to promoting equal opportunity and equity in employment.

We have excellent parental leave provisions to support birth and adoptive parents.

Pre-natal leave

If you or your partner are pregnant, you can apply for paid pre-natal leave at Monash to attend regular visits to the doctor or midwife in preparation for the birth of your child. This leave is separate from annual and personal leave and is available via ESS.

Maternity leave/Adoption leave

The period of paid leave is determined by your employment status and your length of continuous service at Monash University.

To estimate the amount of paid maternity (or adoption) leave you are entitled to, please use our Maternity/Adoption Leave Calculator.

Partner Birth leave

Partner birth leave allows you to assist and support your partner during an important time surrounding the birth of your child.

Primary Caregiver leave

We recognise that true gender equality means acknowledging the role that partners and fathers play as parents. Up to 8 weeks’ paid leave is available to eligible staff (partners of birth mothers) who choose to take on the primary responsibility of their child when their partner is returning to work.

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